Colebrook Win 'Crisis Cafe' Bid

/Colebrook Win 'Crisis Cafe' Bid

Colebrook Win 'Crisis Cafe' Bid

Colebrook were successful in winning the bid to deliver Plymouth’s new Crisis Café.
The Plymouth Mental Health Network helped develop the initial ideas to inform the specification and we are now developing it further. A couple of things just to give you an idea of where we are aiming:

  • The project will be delivered by HeadsCount as it will have a central, strong peer support element…everyone involved will have connections or experience of mental health challenges.
  • Colebrook will be looking at two members of staff (a coordinator and a support worker role) to run the service and work with trained volunteers.
  • It is due to be renamed and we are looking to lose the word café as it has the potential to be misleading. HeadsCount users are leading on the new name.
  • It will be open about 4 sessions a week including time at the weekend …to be agreed …. and will run from Wolseley Trust premises at Jan Cutting Centre.
  • Colebrook hope that the impact of this can lever additional funding to grow the service, which we would like to see running from multiple locations across Plymouth.
  • Lots yet to be agreed including how we work with the Police and Livewell to get it right for people.
  • Colebrook will be recruiting shortly with aim to get staff in place from April and launch as soon as is practicable.

This will definitely be a challenging piece of work and Colebrook will need your help to make it a success.
This topic will appear at more future network meetings and will involve the network in its future development.

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