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Pasalo CIC has received a small Big Lottery grant to provide 10 days of training, free of charge, to small organisations which they otherwise could not afford. The training on offer is the following:

  • Training mental health practitioners and safeguarding specialists to work effectively with interpreters
  • Training in group supervision skills for interpreters who work in sensitive contexts
  • Training mental health practitioners to work effectively with multilingual patients
  • Training in culturally sensitive supervision for therapists
  • Training multilingual mental health practitioners to work professionally in more than one language
  • Culturally sensitive supervision experiential day for therapists
  • Group supervision experiential day for interpreters who work in a mental health context

The training and supervision is designed according to the participants’ needs.

It is such an exciting opportunity to take this training to people who might normally not be able to access this type of support and who work in highly sensitive and demanding contexts.

For those wishing to take part in this training offer please contact Beverley Costa at [email protected].

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