Trial of physical Activity and Reduction of Smoking – Thrive Network Meeting Notes

/Trial of physical Activity and Reduction of Smoking – Thrive Network Meeting Notes

Trial of physical Activity and Reduction of Smoking – Thrive Network Meeting Notes


Hi Thrive Network members – it was great to see you all at the Life Centre for our Thrive Plymouth Network meeting last week and hear about some of the great things happening in Plymouth. As a follow up –

  1. Recruitment of staff and clients into the research programme to help smokers

Researchers from Plymouth Peninsula Medical School are leading a national study to test the effectiveness of new support to help smokers who want to reduce but not quit.

The study is open to any adult smokers who live in or close to Plymouth, who are currently smoking 10 cigarettes or more per day and would like to reduce their smoking but are not ready to quit.

If you would like to let your colleagues know about this study, please feel free to distribute the attached information. This includes postcards and posters which can be printed and shared with colleagues, in addition to an information leaflet.

If you would like to send an email to your staff about the study, please use the following text:

‘Would you like to reduce your smoking, but aren’t ready to quit? Why not join a study which may help, and receive £40 in shopping vouchers for completing the study?

If you would like any further information, you can find out more by:

–        Visiting our website at:

–        Visiting our Facebook page at:

–        Phone either Jennie or Alex on 07812 651805

–        Or email [email protected] and one of the research team will contact you.’

Initial responses are ideally needed by Friday 1st Junebut recruitment is continuing throughout 2018. Thanks for your support of the TARS study.’

  1. Here is the link to the current NICE Guidance on how to encourage employees to be physically active.
  2. And here is the link to the evidence review on wellbeing at work. The Wellbeing at work report summarises the strongest evidence on the factors that influence wellbeing at work, along with possible implications for employers. It presents examples of how organisations leading the way in terms of fostering wellbeing at work are addressing these factors.

Would be great if you can continue to let us know what work you develop.




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