#offthehook Campaign – Plymouth Mind

/#offthehook Campaign – Plymouth Mind

#offthehook Campaign – Plymouth Mind


We are in Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme is stress, and whether we are coping with it or not. In his blog for the Mental Health Foundation for MHAW, Mark Rowland explains how chronic stress can lead to mental health problems, addiction, insomnia, pain and other physical health problems.
Whilst stress used to keep us alive when we had more frequent physical threats in times gone by, and even today a little stress can be good to motivate us, Rowland acknowledges that stress can become a way of life in today’s society, and that if we can prevent the stress from building up and lasting long term, then we can prevent the resulting physical and psychological complications.
At Plymouth & District Mind, we spend a lot of time supporting people towards positive wellbeing, and training organisations and companies to promote wellbeing in their workplace. We also practice what we preach! So during MHAW we will be #offthehook for 15 minutes each day at 12.30pm. This means we will be taking our phones off the hook and turning off our screens to take a guilt-free break! Stress affects our blood pressure, and can impair our ability to learn, concentrate and make judgements – taking a break makes us more effective and productive, so of course our consciences are #offthehook too!
Join us and spread the word – encourage your employees, colleagues and friends to take 15 minutes #offthehook each day this coming week just to see the difference it makes. Tag us in your social media posts/selfies…
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