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In 2013, after much consultation with the wider network, PMHN released its first strategy. This influential document has helped commissioners to shape mental health provision in Plymouth, most recently helping to form the Devon-wide Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP).

The strategy was deemed to be relevant up until 2018 whereupon updates would be applied to bring it up to date. However with many other hugely important strategies being undertaken, PMHN will create a new Plymouth focused strategy as a response to the final STP, due for completion in 2021.


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About PMHN

Plymouth Mental Health Network helps people suffering from mental illness in and around Plymouth. We give providers of mental health support in Plymouth with a local network to discuss, share ideas and information, work in partnership, uncover and fill gaps in service provision and influence policy and meaningful change. This ensures that everyone in Plymouth has equal opportunity to achieve positive mental health and well-being.


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